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Today is a gift that's why its called the present.

I take each day as my last, not literary, but because I want to enjoy each moment I have and not waste any time. The only way to really experience this moment of pure happiness is to forget yesterday and not think about tomorrow and just indulge in what you are doing this present moment, here and now. I learned this whilst reading one of my favourite books ' I can see clearly now' by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It had really taught me to just slow down and open my eyes and look around , hear, smell everything surrounding - as if life is going by in slow motion. My other tool that has helped me is meditation and this as well as slowing me down, has also given me focus on what I am doing at the present moment. When I go for a walk, I can see the different colours on the trees, smell the leaves and watch the little squirrels scurrying across ( so does Brandi my puppy) and I seem to notice every small detail , this is something I didn't do before and its wonderful. When I chat with a friend, I like to really listen to them and understand them instead of thinking about what I'm doing later or if I need to collect some groceries. They appreciate the attention and I feel that I have been a proper friend. During my Yoga sessions, I always zone out and just think to myself, I'm really enjoying this and don't want it to end.

I like the idea that today is a gift and we should all embrace it as today is here to be enjoyed because it is the present!

Author Kavita Basi

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