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Politics me ?!

Politics me ?!

I was so so fortunate to be invited to the Houses of Parliament U.K. not once but twice!!

Not only at this Amazing institute but I was also kindly invited to Downing Street

to share my story.

This is all because of my passion and determination to make a difference in the neurodiverse community.

The charities I support and my ongoing campaigning for neuro illnesses to be recognised within the top 5 severe terminal illnesses in the U.K. and beyond!

It's difficult to share the troubles and side effects of my hidden illness because

you can't see it?

Seeing MP's supporting the cause along side charities such as Brain & Spine Foundation, The Brain charity and Same you , the neurological alliance and others is already creating change but so much more needs to be done.

Recently I listened to MP Chris Bryant speak positively on his constant support towards the campaign. We are so pleased and thankful he is in a position that can truly

make a difference, championing the 1in6 neurodiverse community, to help support and raise awareness for neuro conditions within the government.

Recent campaign #itsallinyourhead hosted by The Brain Charity and supported by the NHIR brain mic.

Will hopefully give a better future for the neuro diverse community.


Better how ?

  • Neurodiversity being recognised as one of the top 5 lifelong illnesses.

  • Create extra benefits for those 1in6 affected.

  • Changing legislations so that large and small organisations can align their processes to support neurodiverse individuals. ( like voice/ video communication rather than filling out forms).

  • Grants / support provided so that this community can continue their work journey.

  • Raising awareness of the hidden side effects so that others around can understand better.



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