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Sister Sister

I have just returned back from the most rewarding trip in Ibiza with my family, sisters/ cousins. We all grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne the Northeast of the UK. a very special place in my heart. These girls are cut from the same cloth, so no matter what, they get me.

What's really special, is that everyone has their own commitments and busy lives, but once a year, each year, we all make a promise to our group that we will take some time away for each other and when we do, it's like we never left? The weekend was filled with laughter, jokes, music, dancing, lots of food and childhood stories!

I'm so happy that I have this amazing group of strong independent women in my life that I can call my sisters. Some were born into our family, and some were integrated later, however we all share the same morals and are happy in our own individual way. It only seemed appropriate to share this wonderful image of them celebrating my latest achievement.

This is one of the many trips we've done over the years (excluding covid timespan) including spa days, dinners out, Country home stay, Croatia and many others.

Life is challenging, especially for me so I try not to waste any time and continue to fill my days with people, situations that give me joy and peace. Surrounding myself with those that will lift me, keep me positive and help me grow, with some amazing memories along the way. Be comfortable and be loved. Our Sister Sister group is a mixture of mothers, wives, volunteers, professionals, authors - all Strong Independant Women!

My sisters, thank you for being by my side, this post is dedicated to you ❤.

5 things to keep in mind when lifting your positive surroundings:

  • Keep in touch with family & friends that you always feel happy when meeting. Don't forget them, they have your back always!

  • Plan your date - even if it's to meet for a tea or lunch, start your meet up and make it regular.

  • Make a list of places or activities you would like to do and make suggestions to your group, but the key is to book it!

  • Send a small note by text, messenger, in the post or even by phone call, to say I appreciate you. Promise this will only grow the bond.

  • Keep images of those moments, meet ups and have them out in your home of happy memories so that it reminds you and keeps you smiling!

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