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We got to spend some time chatting with Kavita about her experiences before, during, and after her illness, and how these experiences have affected her life.



Meet Honey Bash Speaker

The Bee Foundation, PA, USA

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June 17, 2018 

Age: 42

Age when I had a stroke: 38

Patient Story

Eclipse Diagnostics, L.A. USA

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July 6th 2018. 

Here is a video (by permission) of a couple from UK documenting her brain injury

Video Documentary

Brain Injury Assoc. Kansas, USA.

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Anxiety – what is this? There are so many different levels of Anxiety and some can be so severe that they lead to a panic attack. If you haven’t experienced this, it can be so overwhelming and almost feel like a heart attack.

Denver, USA.

Neurosculpting Institute

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I'm glad to share this quote from 'Room 23', Kavita's story of surviving a brain hemorrhage and how it impacted her life. Here's the full quote: 

Truckee, California USA

Ballister Writing

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Throughout my struggle to recover, I force myself to have new experiences and show by example that anyone can bounce back from such adversity and live life to the fullest, as it should be lived

Altrincham UK

Altrincham HQ

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26th Nov 2018. Today we want to highlight a truly inspiring story from one of our Manifested Minds family members, Kavita Basi

Room 23

Manifested Minds, Colorado, USA

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IMAGINE THIS. You leave work early because you’ve not been able to shake off the headache that’s been plaguing you all day


Beating the Odds

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Having a stroke can have devastating effects on your life, especially as damaged parts of the brain can't recover after the fact.


Naked Scientists, Cambridge Univ.

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Born in the 1970s, Kavita Basi was brought up in a middle-class area in the North East of the UK. 

Our Author

She Writes Press, Arizona, USA.

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Today is an exciting day in our community! 🎉 It is the release day of @kavita_basi book: Room 23

Room 23

Aneurysm Awareness, Washington. USA

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My memoir covers my journey to recovery and how my perspective has drastically changed, as I now see the important things in life. 

Kavita's story & Room 23

Different Strokes, Milton Keynes UK

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In her first book, Kavita Basi (BSF Community Ambassador) chronicles her experience of suffering a subarachnoid haemorrhage, how it put her life on hold, and her path to recovery.

Room 23

Brain and Spine Foundation UK

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I was taken into the accident and emergency wing of the Salford Royal hospital, on 17th March 2015, with a life-threatening subarachnoid haemorrhage. 

Kavita's Story

The Brain Charity, Liverpool UK

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Visual media has played a large role in my recovery. I haven’t been able to read in the same way since the onset of my illness.

Kavita's Story

LA Mom Magazine, LA, USA

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After searching and seeking for something that can give me a purpose in life it’s so overwhelming to understand and know exactly what it is.  What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning?

5 Ways to Build Happiness blog post

Project Happiness

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I was successful, career-oriented, and travelled the world while working too many hours with no time to relax and think. Then, one night...

Kavita's Story

The Brain Charity UK

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As I've slowly recovered, they've had to adjust to this new person I've become...

The New me article

Headway UK

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This #BookLovers Day, we're sharing some of the books our team are reading.
@kavita_basi's Room 23: Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage chronicles Kavita's time suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Room 23


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Positivity is what has got me through what could have been a completely different outcome.

Room 23 story

Thrive Magazine

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A story about courage and changes that transformed her path to positivity, hope & happiness.

Headline Speaker

Holistic Yoga Festival

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