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Kavita Basi Author
Hi! I'm Kavita

In March 2015 I was taken into A&E with a life threatening illness - A Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage. I was treated by The Salford Royal Hospital with 4 brain operations leading to a Shunt inside. This condition is 50% survival and the remaining usually have serious disabilities like hearing, unable to walk , partially paralyzed and brain damage.


I'm extremely lucky that I'm here today with little side effects, so now trying to do my best to give something back to be able to help others. I have created video blogs, do regular motivational talks at schools, charity and other organisations including the Royal College of Surgeons London. I am also an Ambassador for 3 neuro-charities :

The Brain and Spine Foundation Charity UK, The Bee Foundation USA  & that have all been a great support network for people and families like mine. This unfortunate situation has also given me focus and direction in my work - I was a VP in a multi-global fashion company & left to start my own eco-brands that help the environment and give back to the charities I support.


Brands : Reflexone & Ration.L (links in homepage)

My illness has helped me to be able make a difference on how I now approach any situation.

My first book 'Room 23 ' was published on Nov 2018 by 'She Writes Press' publishing.


Please see Room 23 above for links to buy this. 10% of profits to Brain & Spine Foundation Charity.


My second book '23 Ways to a Happier Life' was self-published May 2022. 10% of profits to the Bee Foundation Charity, USA.

I love painting, singing, walking, writing, yoga and most of all spending time with my family. This is my lifestyle.


My YouTube channel links are below for the 3 main Video blogs that were done to raise awareness of my illness:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Everything I get involved in, is with the mindset of helping the 1 in 4 people that have been affected with a neuro condition. 

Connect with me on : or send me a message below :


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