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My dear Sister

I started my blog & website because I had an illness that changed my life. To raise awareness by breaking the silence of neurodiversity, helping those affected by sharing my own experiences of recovery & family life. I was healthy young mum and really did my best to live life to the full. This event changed my purpose, made me even more

conscious of my health & I live to love life every single minute of every single day.

Recently my youngest sister Sheetal suffered a Brain Hemorrhage, putting her into a critical state and it has completely thrown me a curveball. I cant concentrate, I can't think, I can't focus, because she is my little sister and I would never wish what I went through to anyone, especially my family, it's the most challenging event in my life.

Not only has this brought back memories of my own, but it has given me some perspective on how it effects Family & Friends. Its a strange feeling of helplessness, being unable to do anything to help the person going through this terrible ordeal. Yes you cant feel the physical pain or understand the weird feeling in your head, or feel the disorientation,

its just a lot of hurting and feeling out of control.

After nearly 5 weeks of visiting my sister, operations, seeing other neuro patients in similar siuations and seeing the pain of what this illness does physically and mentally has given me a stronger foothold to continue my mission of helping other by raising awareness to those 1in5 afffected by neuro-conditions.

To learn more please visit the following charities :

Life is short so live it. author : Kavita Basi

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