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Regenerate your life 😊

Its January and I'm sitting here wondering what I want to do next? Don't worry my brain has hundreds of ideas whirling around and I'm already working on 3 exciting projects, but I'm thinking more of what is my most ultimate goal of what I want to achieve in life? Apart from of course - good health for my family, ultimate happiness and World Peace!

When I was recovering from my illness in 2015, my goal was just to get myself well again, then, my goal was to start my own ethical business, last year it was to achieve BCorp. But, I've had a bittersweet 2023, because the one person that really held my hand, fought my corner and taught me everything in life & work from a young age, gracefully passed away. You come into this world the same as everyone else, however what you leave as your legacy when you leave, will always resonate with others. So that's it , I would like to leave a legacy - that's my goal - a hard one I know, but, I also never thought I would be fortunate to have achieved what I have already, a loving family, happy business and my health, and it took me a series of small steps to regenerate my life, which will hopefully help towards that ultimate end goal. Consistency of doing greater good for all is behind all my thoughts that create my steps . Not to be too greedy, too powerful or too wealthy. I read an article once, that there is a limit of funding that creates a well balanced life and happiness, but once you go over this, it becomes unhealthy ? I'm not sure if its true but what I do know, is being a good person with ethical practices whatever happens, keeps my integrity. So think about yours and what will be your legacy.

Lets shed some love, care and thoughts behind any actions you may take that will effect your family, work, home, friends because only you can regenerate your life. 😊

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