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Inclusion & Diversity

I pride myself on always being the first to include and try to be very diverse in my thinking, this shows through in my work, brands, book and other professional dealings. I even started my brand Ration.L to be a gender-neutral brand. Reflexone brand covers a large range of sizes. I also see the same within my partner organisations, very much like minded to me.

However, my personal life is somewhat very different. I live in a privaliged area and always trying to fit in with the community surrounding - its challenging, because to fit in - it requires a lengthy process of gifts, exchanges, lunches, dinners, parties, activities, look and dress in a certain way and much much more - I feel exhausted just writing this!

Now its all very lovely and exciting when you have the energy to participate (we used to host many of these before my illness) wining, dining and partying! But now, for someone like me who has many side effects including high anxiety, extreme fatigue & limted concentration, it becomes a huge chore to organise or commit to anything. I have limited energy, time and concentration. This isn't everyone, but a fair majority, I just decided that if my friends were real friends and wanted to be a part of my life, then they would accept me for whom I am, with no expectations. Well to my surprise, even though we are in a modern world of inclusion & diversity, it still seems there is still a very historic way of thinking. It started for me with some exclusion and then because people didn't really understand my neuro-illness, they would rather not be involved in my life. No parties then no invites. I am told that its great to live where we are, because everyone always comes together. I'm still waiting for this :(

I'm a strong individual that likes to hold my ground and be my own person, if I feel like this , then I wonder about others that maybe not as confident and how this experience and situation effects them? I'm writing this blog because I want to share my thoughts and by doing this, it can hopefully share that if anyone is reading this and feels the same then you are not alone. Be who you are and your 'Vibe will attract your Tribe'. I now have a small group of very close friends and their are no expectations & its amazing :)

6 tips on making your life inclusive and diverse.

  • If you like an individual and enjoy being around them don't think about it too much just ask them, meet them and enjoy your time with them.

  • If you have a group and only do your socialising within this group but would really like to invite a friend, well just change it, you're not a tree!

  • Let others be happy with the way they are doing things and you be happy in what you are doing. Don't use your energy on worrying about others.

  • Talk openly with your friends - reaching out and letting it go is great for the mind and will keep you in check.

  • If you feel comfortable mixing with different genders or different races then just go ahead and meet up. We are all the same, we just come in different colours, genders & sizes. Its the connection of like minded community that really matters.

  • Love yourself you are amazing !

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Author : Kavita Basi

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