Sustainable Living

Sustainable living

What is this? The word ‘SUSTAINABLE’ has such a very broad term? Everyone is talking about it, but I have been throwing this comments for years. Promise you can ask my children ;) .

I interpret it as - Trying to do things in a better way that will help our environment and future generations.

I’m trying new ways to improve my eco living and its actually quite liberating! Unfortunately, though we live in a world that is surrounded by so many non-sustainable things that we are all easily inclined to buy what is either convenient or cheaper. Does that sound about right?

It all came from an idea I had about 7 years ago in work, I started to become very interested in the social change and behavior in our society especially with our next generations, seeing the way my children thought , how they received their media and what content was shown. It was so interesting and actually made sense. I wanted to make a difference in the industry I was working in, because the fashion industry – did you know is the second largest pollutant business in the world!

This just made me feel very sad, so I wanted to do something that would change the way people bought fashion. Now that is another story which you will hopefully read in my next book !

Fast forward I’m now changing habits in my home. To actively live in a cleaner, better way that will not only help our environment but encourage others to do the same.

I buy products for my home that are made in a more ethical way, have less additives, less harming to our planet, use eco dying etc etc , but most of all have a lovely great big huge message on the front that says ‘ Vegan ‘ or ‘Eco’ haha!

My journey of sustainable living I think has always been within me. I wanted to become an Architect at a very young age and studied architecture within my Alevel’s , loved the option that we could produce buildings or interiors using recycled and/or organic materials. So now I am channeling this positive thinking in all other directions of my lifestyle.

It began with my food and drink – changing the things I bought, checking the packages and becoming a pescatarian at the age of 28. ( at present I have more days where I’m vegetarian and Vegan)

My cleaning products, washing products, even stationary & any new home furnishings, to the point of kitchen & toilet roll is bought with a lot of thought process. Yes, it is a little time consuming in the beginning but once I got the products that suited my home, it was an absolute breeze then after. So, my way of thinking is not only for me to change but then also share this with others so that they can also make an informed choice when buying - anything.

If you want to learn more about sustainable living, then please go to my Youtube channel or IGTV channel where I share the products I buy for my lifestyle that are #betterliving #jardinliving Covid is affecting people and families in so many ways so lets all try and do our part to support and change what we can for a better cleaner future.

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Author : Kavita Basi

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