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Stay at Home please

Stay at home but stay connected with your family & friends through SM. We all want to help each other and take responsibility ourselves to do the right thing. I only go out once a day for a short walk and where I can I use my garden as this improves my mental health & anxiety. It’s a difficult and challenging time for everyone during this Covid-19 epidemic and let’s not be selfish about it. I’m shocked to see images of people out having get togethers, people out in markets in crowds and going about daily life as normal. This is not protecting our families, friends and those that are more vulnerable. This image here was our houseparty to connect through social media to still stay in touch with our family. This is the way we are doing this once a week, so would encourage you to do the same. Its important to understand that we need to distance ourselves to improve others well being. Stay at home! Let’s do this together to help our NHS !



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