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Positive affirmations

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Today is going to be a good Day 😊

Do you wake up in the morning thinking - I really can’t be bothered, or I am so tired & I would like to just go back to sleep? News! You are not the only one - and - yes this is quite normal! We all have the sluggish mornings when you just want to wake up and do nothing, some more than others because we are all different and we all have varied energy levels, even just wanting to have a duvet day, ooooh I love a duvet day!

This is even more apparent if you have been through a serious life-threatening illness like me. Fatigue and mental health are a huge part of my side effects and what keeps me going is the fact that I’m here, I’m alive and I will be ok!

Waking up in the morning with a positive attitude can completely change my day, so thinking positively before going to sleep can really affect the quality of sleep and can completely change the mood when you wake up the next day. It’s a fact, because I’m actually doing it. Now each morning - I feel energized, happy, positive and ready to take the challenge of the day, it feels AMAZING!

I put up this post recently for these 5 affirmations and feel that this one should be repeated to yourself each day. I like to wake up feeling that I want to make a difference to other people, make them POSITIVE and HAPPY – this is my goal, but also to keep myself in check. A happy you is a happy family, really important to remember because your vibe attracts your tribe!

Some other key changes to get you to a positive happy life:

· If you are surrounded my negative people, then remove yourself and try and change your circle. Look after your thinking.

· If you don’t like the food you are eating, make a meal plan and change your weekly meals. Look after your body.

· If you feel uneasy about your work or job, then take the plunge and change it! Yes, I know it’s easier said than done, however make baby steps, do 1 thing at a time. Look after your happiness.

I promise by making these changes it will keep you positive & happy, it will change your life.

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Author: Kavita Basi

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