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Our Chef is back ! Persian influence...

Our Rajni's Food & Fitness blog is back! An amazing new concept and what a stunning visual to present at a dinner party, or just to indulge at home. My sister has a passion of creating wonderful food as her hobby, as most mums I know, juggling a full time role of working life as an exective and just being a full time mother leaves little or no time to enjoy personal hobbies, including me! However hats off to our web-resident chef Rajni who keeps the surprise element of sharing some great recipes. If you want to check out more then please visit 'Food & Fitness' on the menu bar of this website : quote from Rajni's Blog ' I’ve seen many versions of this cake and have been desperate to recreate it to see if it truly is as good as it sounds. Well verdict is it’s better than I ever imagined… '

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