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My 3 B's !

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Lets reflect, reset & reduce.

Year 2020 & my three B’s !

We all know that COVID-19 has really impacted, changed lives within our society and when the idea of lockdown came, it was somewhat a panic for some and a resting time for others. I felt right at home already, since having my illness I spend a lot of quality time at home and became used to it. However now it was lockdown with the family ! which was a little stressful but manageable, we just needed to adjust to this new normal.

I focused these last few months on my 3 B’s , Brain, Book and Brands!

Those of you who may not know, but I had a brain hemorrhage a few years back and those of you that do, yes it still affects my life on a daily basis - headaches, tiredness, memory loss and anxiety are just a few. So the crazy situation of Covid has dramatically increased my anxiety especially, to a point where I just can’t even look at the news, as it upsets me, as it may others. I have tried to use that focus and energy to enjoy my time during lockdown on activities that I really love like painting, audiobooks, walking, playing with my dog and resting to really help with my anxiety and my Brain – it’s so so important to look after your brain and give it some rejuvenating therapy that keeps it stimulated from a little enjoyment which then in turn transpires to happiness. I also thought how could I reach out to others more, to share the things that are helping me, so I decided to do a podcast with three other friends and I feel so proud to achieve this , ‘Life with no filter’ link here:

My second B has been the Book ROOM 23– although I released this Nov 2018, I can’t stress enough how much this can help others, whether they are in an isolated situation, they have developed anxiety through this challenging time or if they have suffered mental health. I decided to just post out free copies of my book in the hope that it gives some form of solace to those that maybe seeking it. So off I went on my bike with brown paper-tied books in my basket and dropped copies off to people in my neighborhood and online to people I thought could really benefit from reading my story. People were all having different experiences - whether they had an illness or a relative that had recently passed.

In return, were messages, letters and cards that I received back which where so heartwarming, it was the right thing to do.

However if you haven’t read Room 23 yet then please try it 😜! As each copy gives 10% profits to a great charity - the Brain & Spine Foundation, link here :

I also had some time to write another book! Looking for a editor/publisher now! Oh it’s been so therapeutic & lovely to focus on books 😊.

B Three - this one has been very exciting, after over 25 years of being in the fashion industry , during COVID-19 I launched my two ethical brands ! I think I’m either a little crazy or just thought I’m going to do it and whatever happens, happens. I had already had months of preparation, but it felt right and now they are out I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future. With the disrupt in current stores, it somewhat feels right to have a family grown business that is Covid-born. I’ve always had my heart in protecting our environment, supporting our future generations and looking after our animals , so whilst we had all the time to reflect, reset and reduce our daily ongoings, I released Reflexone & Ration.l . Now, I couldn’t do the normal photography on models or launch party etc. As we were all sticking by the rules and staying home, we had to be creative in how we showcased the brands, its been hard, with little time for me to even think about the troubles that were happing in the world around me. My focus was to try and make the world somehow a better place when this was all over. Yes, little old me wants to make a difference if anyone will notice? My brands are fashion and accessories made from recycled, organic and vegan materials that are developed to help our environment from plastic pollution and landfill, but also give a % back to the charities I represent, in the hope that this will encourage others to buy responsibly. Even though I’ve bought less or tried to buy ethically – I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years, I think others are now re-evaluating this from the effects it is causing in our beautiful world around us. Climate change has been a message that we are hearing almost everyday and I wanted to incorporate what I could into my Brands encouraging a healthier , happier lifestyle. Reflexone – activewear is made mostly from recycled plastic ( post- industrial) and Ration.L is Vegan trainers and accessories. We are now available on 5 platforms , links here :

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