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Its Xmas but I'm tired !

I love Christmas and I love the joy it brings, however its become such a challenging time of year for me as a mum after suffering my SAH in 2015. High Anxiety, claustrophobia, difficulty in multitasking, extreme fatigue, being indecisive, short term memory loss are only just a few of the side effects ! I know these are normal traits of stroke survivors but from being a high powered VP in a global fashion company - it can really knock your confidence.

Just the thought of going shopping in a crowded environment or choosing a suitable gift when I cant even make up my mind, or being in the hustle bustle of the Xmas markets frightens me - the fact that someone might knock my head! Of course then to multitask and wrap the gifts with tags & names ( I forget names constantly) especially when you are part of a big family & friends network there are so many presents ?!

But me being the Survivor I am, I have created tools to adapt to my situation. spreadsheets, lists on my phone for the gifts that I need to get. I like to shop on the internet to get them bought, wrapped and delivered to the rightful owner - so much easier! I have also started to send out a digital card to all my contacts rather than trying to remember names and posting, also this helps to preserve the environment and I'm saving trees?

I prefer to go to a smaller Xmas market setting locally rather than the big city ones as I feel a sense of space and comfort.

Yes it has all changed for me, but I'm extremely lucky that I have a very supportive family around me that understand what I'm going through.

My husband has had a role reversal with me and now takes on the challenges of being a multitasking mum! It's quite endearing to observe but sometimes you just need a rest.

Merry Xmas everyone and enjoy each moment. If you are struggling adapt to what you can or just ask someone to help you. :)

My book ROOM 23 Chronicles some of these experiences shared to help others, link here on Amazon, or go to the header on the main website where you can purchase from other stores.

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