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Its summer - Be happy

I love those summer days when the weather is getting warmer (although we don't want to advocate global warming) and having some extra vitamin D and encouragement to enjoy the outdoors are all better for our health & wellbeing.

This is a favourite place of mine that I visit often with my family, friends and Brandi of course.

Walking along here with the mesmerizing scenery, fresh air, endless views of fields across the horizon and vast surroundings of beautiful crops just transports me to another city, even country ! I don't feel that I am in the fields of south Manchester?

Brandi finds this a place of adventure and absolute freedom, it's just one of those perfect. We did a walk recently with a few family friends and the children and the result was good exercise, good conversation and happy children.

My walking adventures have continued to give me great inspiration and rewarded me with abundance of general well being including my mental health so finding these treasured places has made my adventures even more interesting.

I keep seeing the issues around the world on travel, restrictions, and isolation needed to visit other countries. We all need to increase our happy endorphins, so why not explore what is on our doorstep? Find those hidden places that will transport you to a different place. I know it's all weather dependent, so use the summer to help give opportunities like these. Travelling abroad adds time, anxiety and restrictions, not to mention adding to the current climate crisis and global warming! So lets try and do our best to support our planet for our future generations.

Tips for exploration within your country:

Why not join the national trust?

Check out new places!

Join a walking group

Start your own walking group!

ask your children to choose new places to visit - get the family involved.

Explore your own city.

It's Summer be happy!

for more information in the UK travelling to the great outdoors, follow this link : Country walks; routes & trails in the UK | National Trust

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