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Its New Year, lets help others.

It’s New Year’s Day! Yay ! Let’s take this opportunity to do our part to encourage helping others 😊.

I will by continuing my mission of raising awareness for neurological conditions through my Speaking events and website, if you would like to be part of this then please subscribe here at

By being a true representative community Ambassador for The Brain & Spine Foundation Charity and hoping to continue fundraising, please support and help to follow here:

Not to mention the release of my book Room 23 - my biggest achievement of 2018. Not only sharing my experience after suffering a SAH but also increasing awareness and 10% profits going to The Brain and Spine Foundation Charity. If you have bought this I would love for you to send me a photo of you holding it on social media and tag me in !

Please see link here on Amazon : or go to the main page heading and follow the links on ROOM 23.

Through my work - using my knowledge and experience to make the right decision’s for our growing industry @liandfung @lfeurope especially on sustainability.

Not forgetting to be a role model for my children and a dedicated loving wife. I’m trying to be the best version of me. Why not be the best version of you ?

Please help me help others by reading my publications and sharing them if you can with newspapers, magazines, radio or other media. Please see link here :

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