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Good time to Re-set.

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

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Now that we have slowed ourselves down during the last few months, its time to re-set our new normal's to get ready for what we are are going to get back to. However, lets not forget the time we have all experienced and ensure its been productive. For one person this may be having that one to one with a family member, or starting a new interesting hobby or even changing occupation for the better! I would like to share that my one really valuable past- time I've learned to love is audio-books. I cant read in the same way I used to, I can miss words and sometimes sentences, one of my many side effects from the SAH. So I'm currently finishing off Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' and its a long book ! But as I have been reading this, there have been so many USA official government events happening at the same time, which has made the experience of reading it to be very real and in the moment. I have loved reading my audio books and it has inspired me to finish off my second Book publication. I am so excited for you to read this.

I am still inspired by the feedback I get from Room 23 surviving a Brain hemorrhage, the messages from readers are extremely motivating and keep me spurring on to continue raising awareness.

However, getting back to Re-setting your life for the future. Its improtant to think about what is best for you, what is best for your family and how you would like your legacy to be known? Big decisons ....thats what I am trying establish. I have one child at university ( not able to do any live classes - only zoom ) and one child doing their GCSE's - I wonder how this situation is going to affect them, but trying to stay positive by giving them some motivating thoughts. is the only way I know how to improve their well-being. I know its challenging but I have encouraged them to also RE-SET , think about their future, work experince, what future studies or experience they want to do, a new adventure they may want to try (only when travel is safe). We are seeing the light at the end of the Tunnel and its time to get that paper and pen - write your ultimate 3 re-set goals! or even just 1? Whatever feels right for you - Lets look forward, be positive and get ready to Re-set. I have recently ordered some beautiful houseplants to give our home some much needed newness and aswell as looking green around the house, they are great for a little added oxygen, to give us a healthier living home. I would like to have this new way of living in each aspect of my life - children, family & home.

My book talks about anxiety, isolation, illness and how this affects friends and family, it is available on the website header here otherwise link here: Room 23 |

10% of profits go to the Brain & Spine foundation charity. Please share is with others, it can really help someone.

I am thinking about what I want to as my next project and excited about the thought of this.

I hope you get some positive motivation from reading my posts, it would be lovely to get some feedback , you can send a message at the bottom of the website, and please dont forget to subscribe if you would like to hear more. enjoy your day and enjoy each moment :)

Author : Kavita Basi

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