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Cleanse Your life

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

CLEANSE YOUR LIFE! It’s the New year! It’s our chance to start with a clean slate and really focus on what’s important. As well as detoxing to cleanse our bodies, why not also cleanse our life. Imagine if you wanted to start your life all over again what would you do? What things do you love to spend time doing that you don’t have time for anymore? What makes you who you are and nourishes your personality? If your life is black and white, let’s try and bring some colour back into it! We went out for a family meal on New Year’s Day as its also my husbands birthday, I know more presents! So we decided to do things a little different. I took a small pad of paper and 4 pens ready for a challenge during dinner. Everyone has resolutions and sometimes it’s difficult to get them all done, so I asked if everyone could write just 4 New Years goals that they wanted to achieve and why. Then to fold it up and pass to the family member on the left. Who would then read it out to the rest of us. It was so much fun and very interesting. Whilst reading out each other’s goals we quickly realised that they all had a common theme of : 1. achieving a milestone event, like participating in a run/ marathon 2. Keeping healthy, like drinking more water or exercising 3. Emotions , like being happier. 4. Personal goal , like doing well in school. Now the key is once they are written then to actually follow it through. I have told my family to keep the written goals next to their side tables or stick on their walls so that every morning they wake up it’s the first thing they see. To make sure they are committed to their New Year challenges. It’s important to keep looking at it as it’s easily forgotten after deciding on that day. Another way to have your goals on a constant check is to put it as your screen saver on your phone or computer. We want to see this everyday ! The other important thing is to give yourself a timeline for each goal so that it isn’t something that is left on the back burner otherwise it will be ‘I will just do that another time.’ So let’s do this!!!

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